Quadriga offers a fantastic quarantine facility for import and export horses to relax and enjoy their stay. Spacious stalls with comfortable Soft Stall mats, automatic waters and access to outdoor turnout. Your horse will enjoy access to 24/7 monitoring, customized feeding options, and the ability to remain in their current conditioning program. Quadriga’s facility has a heated indoor arena, solarium and water treadmill for exercise & conditioning.

At the airport your horse will enjoy the comforts of the International Animal Lounge which offers spacious indoor stalls so that they can rest before and after their lengthy travels.


Can I visit my horse during quarantine?

You most certainly can! You can visit your horse during regular barn hours and have access to our heated indoor facility. Our team of trained individuals will aid you in having freedom and flexibility with your horse while maintaining quarantine protocols.

Will my horse be alone in the quarantine barn?

We always make sure no horse is left alone; your horse will always have a friend to keep them company while they enjoy their stay at our facility.

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