Sold your horse to someone in Europe? Do you live in Europe and want to buy a horse in Canada but don’t how to get it to your farm? Quadriga is here to help make that happen. The first step in the export process is to verify vaccinations and have the horse placed in pre-export isolation at our quarantine facility. We take care of all export documentation, permitting and arrangements with our European partners to ensure all requirements are met. One of our experienced grooms will travel with your horse and will be by their side from airport to airport. We arrange for veterinary inspection upon landing in the EU and ground transport upon release.


Do I have to find other horses myself to fill the crate?

Quadriga is constantly receiving requests for export and we group client horses together to ensure you receive the most economical travel option possible.

Do my horses need to be vaccinated before they travel?

Yes, all horses must be vaccinated according to the import country’s requirements. All vaccinations must be completed prior to entering pre-export isolation. We will consult with you about requirements and current status of your horse prior to setting up an isolation start date.

Can my horse be exercised while in pre-export isolation?

Your horse is free to be exercised during the entire isolation period. At our facility, your horse will have access to our beautiful indoor riding arena where your horse can stay in shape while still meeting isolation requirements.

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Some of the countries we import/export horses from include:

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