Importing your horse is an exciting time, Quadriga is here to help make the process seamless and exceptional. Our office will coordinate with trusted agents in Europe to organize pickup, pre export quarantine, testing and all necessary documentation to fly. We take care of all necessary steps to ensure entry into Canada along with customs clearance is completed in a timely manner.
When your horse arrives, we are there to personally greet them and get them settled into their stalls at the YYC Calgary Airport; where they will get time to relax and unwind. All necessary steps for federal veterinary clearance are taken care of by our staff and we can personally hand deliver your horse to their final destination.


Who takes care of getting my horse's import permit approved?

Quadriga takes care of all paperwork and necessary arrangements to ensure the horse is approved for entry and will be quarantined at an approved facility.

Do the horses get access to feed and water after arrival?
They certainly do! Horses rest at the International Animal Lounge in their own private stall with plenty of feed and water.
Do I have to pay taxes on my imported horse?
Short answer is yes, purchased horses are subject to GST on their Canadian value. Certain instances are subject to some exceptions on a case by case basis.

Some of the countries we import/export horses from include:

cargo jet
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